About Us

The Exmouth Webcam Project was designed to attract more tourism to the town by installing the webcam in a popular location along the sea front, this project allows people on the internet to look around Exmouth Sea Front and plan a holiday to the town.

The camera that is being used for this project has been kindly donated by www.SoundAndSafe.com, a security company based in Luton. The camera is capable of 360 degrees panning range, 90 degrees of tilting range and 18x zoom. Website visitors can take control of the camera and look are pre-set views of the seafront in real-time.

The software and serving computer needed to power the webcam has been donated by www.ElectroCam.co.uk, a webcam consultancy company based in Exmouth.

The location for the camera and internet connection has been kindly donated by Alasdair Cunningham-Smith, of www.acs-solutions.co.uk, a software development company based along the Esplanade in Exmouth.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us using the contact page.